VIOLENT CRIMES | Crimes with Firearms

Crimes Involving Firearms

As you can see below, crimes involving firearms and weapons can carry serious consequences.  If you are charged with or questioned about a crime involving a firearm or weapon, you should immediately call Orlando and Kissimmee Criminal Defense attorney Don Waggoner.  Attorney Don Waggoner is experienced in defending cases involving firearms and weapons.  He is experienced in defending these charges at trial, as well as working out resoultions that often avoid the minimum mandatories and prison.

Minimum Mandatory Prison  -10 years if firearm is carried or acquired during the commission of the crime, 20 years if a firearm is discharged, and LIFE if a firearm is discharged and someone is struck by the bullet.  Many people make the mistake of having this idea that a "weapon" can only be a gun - for instance, a pistol, rifle or any other such weapon. This is not correct. If you allegedly attack someone with anything like a tube, crowbar, bat, saucepan, pocket knife, sharp object or anything like that, it is still considered a deadly weapon. Charges involving firearms almost all have minimum mandatory sentences from 3-25 years. In such cases, Criminal Attorney Don Waggoner can provide the representation and defense you need to fight these charges. Early intervention in these cases can sometimes avoid the minimum mandatory sentences.

Weapons charges can include the following: (please click on the links for more information or call Attorney Don Waggoner).

F.S. 790.001  Definitions.
F.S. 790.01  Carrying concealed weapons.
F.S. 790.015  Nonresidents who are United States citizens and hold a concealed weapons license in another state; reciprocity.
F.S. 790.053  Open carrying of weapons.
F.S. 790.054  Prohibited use of self-defense weapon or device against law enforcement officer; penalties.
F.S. 790.06  License to carry concealed weapon or firearm.
F.S. 790.0601  Public records exemption for concealed weapons.
F.S. 790.065  Sale and delivery of firearms.
F.S. 790.0655  Purchase and delivery of handguns; mandatory waiting period; exceptions; penalties.
F.S. 790.07  Persons engaged in criminal offense, having weapons.
F.S. 790.09  Manufacturing or selling slungshot.
F.S. 790.10  Improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearms.
F.S. 790.115  Possessing or discharging weapons or firearms at a school-sponsored event or on school property prohibited; penalties; exceptions.
F.S. 790.145  Crimes in pharmacies; possession of weapons; penalties.
F.S. 790.15  Discharging firearm in public or on residential property.
F.S. 790.151  Using firearm while under the influence of alcoholic beverages, chemical substances, or controlled substances; penalties.
F.S. 790.153  Tests for impairment or intoxication; right to refuse.
F.S. 790.155  Blood test for impairment or intoxication in cases of death or serious bodily injury; right to use reasonable force.
F.S. 790.157  Presumption of impairment; testing methods.
F.S. 790.16  Discharging machine guns; penalty.
F.S. 790.161  Making, possessing, throwing, projecting, placing, or discharging any destructive device or attempt so to do, felony; penalties.
F.S. 790.1615  Unlawful throwing, projecting, placing, or discharging of destructive device or bomb that results in injury to another; penalty.
F.S. 790.162  Threat to throw, project, place, or discharge any destructive device, felony; penalty.
F.S. 790.163  False report about planting bomb, explosive, or weapon of mass destruction; penalty.
F.S. 790.164  False reports concerning planting a bomb, explosive, or weapon of mass destruction in, or committing arson against, state-owned property; penalty; reward.
F.S. 790.165  Planting of “hoax bomb” prohibited; penalties.
F.S. 790.166  Manufacture, possession, sale, delivery, display, use, or attempted or threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction or hoax weapon of mass destruction prohibited; definitions; penalties.
F.S. 790.169  Juvenile offenders; release of names and addresses.
F.S. 790.17  Furnishing weapons to minors under 18 years of age or persons of unsound mind and furnishing firearms to minors under 18 years of age prohibited.
F.S. 790.174  Safe storage of firearms required.
F.S. 790.175  Transfer or sale of firearms; required warnings; penalties.
F.S. 790.18  Sale or transfer of arms to minors by dealers.
F.S. 790.19  Shooting into or throwing deadly missiles into dwellings, public or private buildings, occupied or not occupied; vessels, aircraft, buses, railroad cars, streetcars, or other vehicles.
F.S. 790.22  Use of BB guns, air or gas-operated guns, or electric weapons or devices by minor under 16; limitation; possession of firearms by minor under 18 prohibited; penalties.
F.S. 790.221  Possession of short-barreled rifle, short-barreled shotgun, or machine gun; penalty.
F.S. 790.225  Ballistic self-propelled knives; unlawful to manufacture, sell, or possess; forfeiture; penalty.
F.S. 790.23  Felons and delinquents; possession of firearms, ammunition, or electric weapons or devices unlawful.
F.S. 790.233  Possession of firearm or ammunition prohibited when person is subject to an injunction against committing acts of domestic violence, stalking, or cyberstalking; penalties.
F.S. 790.235  Possession of firearm or ammunition by violent career criminal unlawful; penalty.
790.25  Lawful ownership, possession, and use of firearms and other weapons.
790.251  Protection of the right to keep and bear arms in motor vehicles for self-defense and other lawful purposes; prohibited acts; duty of public and private employers; immunity from liability; enforcement.
F.S. 790.27  Alteration or removal of firearm serial number or possession, sale, or delivery of firearm with serial number altered or removed prohibited; penalties.
F.S. 790.29  Paramilitary training; teaching or participation prohibited.
F.S. 790.31  Armor-piercing or exploding ammunition or dragon’s breath shotgun shells, bolo shells, or flechette shells prohibited.
F.S. 790.33  Field of regulation of firearms and ammunition preempted.
F.S. 790.331  Prohibition of civil actions against firearms or ammunition manufacturers, firearms trade associations, firearms or ammunition distributors, or firearms or ammunition dealers.
F.S. 790.333  Sport shooting and training range protection; liability; claims, expenses, and fees; penalties; preemption; construction.
F.S. 790.335  Prohibition of registration of firearms; electronic records.
F.S. 790.338  Medical privacy concerning firearms; prohibitions; penalties; exceptions