Burglary and Trespass Offenses

Orlando and Kissimmee Criminal Defense Lawyer Don Waggoner is an experienced trial attorney for persons charged with Burglary, Trespass, and related crimes.  Burglary is a serious crimes and victims of burglaries often consider it a violation of their person, just as much as if they had been robbed at gunpoint.  Oftentimes items are taken in burglaries that have a deep personal meaning to the victim, such as an heirloom.  Because of that, it takes a skillful attorney to negotiate acceptable offers or to cross-examine the victims in such a way that a jury won’t just find for the victim/State merely because a complaint has been made.  A defendant needs a lawyer who can convince the jury to judge only on the facts, not merely have sympathy for the victim.  Orlando and Kissimmee Attorney Don Waggoner has successful experience convincing jurors to stick to the facts.  You should trust him with your case.


Burglary  F.S. 810.02  &  Trespass  F.S. 810.09

The unlawful/uninvited entry or remaining in a home, building, or vehicle with the intent to commit a crime while there. It is not necessary that a crime actually be committed.  You cannot usually burglarize your own property.  Please click on the link for more information.  Burglaries that include an assault or battery within the dwelling, vehicle, or structure can carry penalties up to LIFE in prison. 

Trespass occurs in the same way, but there is no intent to commit a crime.


Burglary and Trespass related crimes:

F.S. 810.06  Possession of burglary tools.
F.S. 810.061  Impairing or impeding telephone or power to a dwelling; facilitating or furthering a burglary; penalty.
F.S. 810.07  Prima facie evidence of intent.
F.S. 810.08  Trespass in structure or conveyance.
F.S. 810.09  Trespass on property other than structure or conveyance.
F.S. 810.095  Trespass on school property with firearm or other weapon prohibited.
F.S. 810.097  Trespass upon grounds or facilities of a school; penalties; arrest.
F.S. 810.0975  School safety zones; definition; trespass prohibited; penalty.
F.S. 810.10  Posted land; removing notices unlawful; penalty.
F.S. 810.11  Placing signs adjacent to highways; penalty.
F.S. 810.115  Breaking or injuring fences.
F.S. 810.12  Unauthorized entry on land; prima facie evidence of trespass.
F.S. 810.125  Injury to certain trespassers on agricultural land; recovery limited.
F.S. 810.13  Cave vandalism and related offenses.
F.S. 810.14  Voyeurism prohibited; penalties.
F.S. 810.145  Video voyeurism.